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1. PLANNING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS:  Facilitating the realization of NIPOST Corporate business mission. Coordination of corporate plans. Evaluating, reviewing and alignment of policies necessary for organizational harmony and integration. Developing and Monitoring the take-off of new investments and programmes. Coordinating and production of annual reports.
STRUCTURE: The Business & Strategic Development Department is composed of the following units,
1. Budget Planning and Analysis
2. Management Systems
3. Target Setting and Standardisation
4. Development and Maintenance of Data Bank
2. CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS: To implement the recommended corporate policies, and measure results that will foster goodwill. To communicate the organization's policies in clear terms for appreciation, perception, understanding, action and overall implementation by all categories of staff. To explain changes in policy and promote good industrial relations To determine, identify, analyse and penetrate numerous publics, target groups and stakeholders in all NIPOST products and services.
To keep the public informed about the organization's programmes and achievement, provide information about new products, services, innovation, as well as developments. To improve awareness of the organization's image through involvement in the planning and execution of all aspects of interpersonal communications, e.g. advertising, point-of-sales, displays, promotions and public relations.
To be the vanguard of personal (direct person-to-person) communication with all desired contact groups and individuals. To reveal details of the organization's contributions to economic and social welfare of communities.
STRUCTURE: The Corporate Communications Department is made up of five units. These are as follow; 1. Research and Survey unit 2. Media Relations unit 3. Protocol unit 4. Publicity unit 5. Staff and Operation unit
3. INTERNAL AUDIT DEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS: To ascertain the degree of reliability of accounting and statistical data, generated within the organization. To ascertain whether the policies put in place to secure NIPOST assets are effective and adequate To ascertain the extent of compliance by NIPOST managers to established policies, plans and procedures.
To guide against any possible breach of approved policies, by verifying all payment and receipt vouchers, stock movement, receivables and notes payable, cash balances, banking records and reconciliation statements, short and long-term loans granted and investments. To review and appraise the policies, plans, internal records and procedures of the organization with a view to determining their adequacy and effectiveness To ascertain whether set targets are being achieved, and if not, propose remedial measures.
To ensure effectiveness of the existing internal control. To reassure NIPOST Management of the integrity of its operations, i.e. provide assurance that control and administrative processes are operating effectively and efficiently.
STRUCTURE: The Internal Audit Department is made up of six units, which are as follows:
1. Revenue
2. Expenditure
3. Administration
4. Ventures
5. Pensions
6. Stock Audit



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